The National Council for Teachers of Mathematics sees the following challenges as the most significant for mathematics educators:

Engaging and motivating students
Developing lessons and activities
Addressing diverse learning styles
Teaching students of varying ability
Ensuring conceptual understanding
Utilizing technology in the classroom
Balancing state testing and student understanding
Keeping aligned to standards

Math Street is designed to assist teachers and students with each of these challenges. Please contact us to see for yourself how these challenges are met.


Lincoln Learning Systems recently sent a brief survey to our customers to properly gauge our Math Street program’s effectiveness in the classroom, and in remedial and enrichment environments.

Thank you to everyone who responded!

Here are some of the results:

44% of our customers are classroom teachers.
42% of our customers are remedial teachers.
64% use Math Street for remedial purposes.
18% use Math Street for multiple purposes.

All components of Math Street were deemed valuable. Tutorials were the most popular.

  • 85% said they find Math Street easy to use.
  • 91% said their expectations were met.

Comments we have received:

“I really like Math Street and I believe it serves our students nicely”
“Great product”
“The Lincoln team has gone above and beyond to meet our needs.”
“I really enjoyed the training session I attended”
“I look forward to using Math Street as my primary resource during the 2009-2010 school year.”



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